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  • Noah's Ark My favorite picture of Noah's Ark
  • U2 Airplane Photo of Noahs' Ark
  • U2 Airial View2 Close up of U2 airplane view of the remains of Noah's Ark
  • Noah's Ark Final Resting Place Noah's Ark first landed at upper right of picture and was forced down the mountain by lava flow and impaled against large stone outcropping
  • Hole blown in side In 1960, George Vandeman and Sigfried Horn along with Turkish Military blew a hole in side of Noah's Ark
  • Pottery Sherd Found near Noah's Ark by Dr. William Shea
  • Noah's Ark Visitor's Center Overlooking the Noah's Ark National Park
  • Horsein Around Dennis McKeever,(the bald one) Zafer Onay on the right, our guide, Haji Hasan, the caretaker of the visitor center and Ahmed our driver.
  • Noah's Ark Artifacts Pt.2
  • Rib Timber Structures Location on boat. Reference boat at bottom right to show similarity of remains
  • Assorted Pictures
  • Underground Structure2 Ground terrain radar scans of underground structure
  • Underground Structure1 Ground terrain radar results of under ground ark structure.
  • Model of Noah's Ark Model is based on ground terrain readings and computer regeneration
  • Model next to remains
  • 3rd Floor of Noah;'s Ark Based on ground terrain radar scans
  • Ballast under 3rd floor Look close and see the ballast (darker color) which was used to stablize Noah's Ark
  • 3rd floor view 3rd floor view showing animal pens
  • 2nd floor of Noah's Ark Entrance to Noah's Ark at the second floor
  • Aft end of Noah's Ark Our group walking on the aft end of Noah's ark
  • Large Stone Outcropping Dennis McKeever with Jerry Bowen standing on Noah's Ark next to limestone outcropping that impaled Noah's Ark
  • Naxuan-Lost City of Noah Foundation of dwelling in Naxuan. Just up the mountain from Noah's Ark
  • Final Path to Rest Looking to the south, Noah's ark proceeds from west to east to final resting place
  • Mt. Ararat Volcanic Mt. Ararat. Would not have been there at time of flood
  • Mt. Ararat Volcanic Mt. Ararat. All of that dark is lava.