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  • Joseph Figure of Joseph as a young man.
  • Nk1086722599 DxO of Joseph when he was young.
  • Statues of Joseph Two different headdresses for Joseph for different occasions
  • Map Showing location of the City of Joseph, Saqqara
  • Pharaoh Djoser's Pyramid The outside covering is gone. It would have been a smooth finish.
  • Another Arial view of complex Shows step pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser and grain bins toward the bottom.
  • Another view of complex Arial view of step pyramid and grain bins to the lower left.
  • Arial view of complex Arial view of the Djoser's pyramid and grain bins.
  • Entrance to complex This is the only door into complex. Joseph would have had to go through here.
  • Saqqara Layout Grain bins are labeled south tomb. These are open bins. They could not have been tombs.
  • Step Pyramid Another view of inside of step pyramid. It was built in two stages. P1 and P2.
  • Step Pyramid Inside view of step pyramid to show its complexity.
  • Pharaoh Djoser Pharaoh Djoser. The pharaoh when Joseph was there.
  • insignia of jospeh Joseph's name (Imhotep) on stone supporting Pharaoh Djoser's statue
  • Collonade This is where the grain sellers would work.
  • Grain Bin Area This is where people would exit the colonnade to collect their grain from the bins
  • Grain Bin 6 Looking down one of the large grain bins. Ancient grain has been found in the bottom.
  • Grain Bin4 Nice view of another grain bin. Ancient grain has been found in the bottom of these grain bins.
  • Grain Bin People looking into one of the grain bins.
  • Grain Bin2 Another look inside one of the grain bins.
  • Grain Bin AS grain was depleted, person would go down these steps to where the level of the grain
  • Grain Bin5 People at the top of one of the large grain bin openings.
  • Pyramids Oldest to the newest. And size comparison.